Brake Repair

Brake Repair in Dalton, GA

Each time you push the brake pedal, your car should come to an immediate stop. But what if your brakes don't work as smoothly as they normally do? This problem isn't just an annoyance-it's also dangerous.

At Tate's Automotive, we know the importance of brake repair as well as regular brake maintenance. We care about the safety of Dalton, GA families like yours. If you notice a problem with your brakes, come see us right away.

Brake Repair

Many factors could lower your brakes' functionality. Here are some of the most common problems you might experience:

• Scraping Sound: If your brakes make a scraping sound each time you activate them, the brake pads are probably worn out. Come see us right away so we can replace your brake pads. If you wait too long, we may need to replace the rotors or drums as well.

• Brake Warning Light: If you see a brake warning light, you're dealing with either worn brake pads or a leak in your brakes. A leak is especially dangerous because it can cause your brakes to fail. Bring your car in right away so we can inspect the brakes and identify the problem.

• Uneven Braking: Does your car swerve when you push the brakes? One of your brakes needs repair. There are several possible causes, including loose wheel bearings or a stuck caliper. We'll examine your car to determine the issue.

Along with repairing these and other problems, we can also maintain your brakes to prevent any further issues.

Brake Maintenance

You can prevent many kinds of brake problems by visiting us regularly at our Dalton, GA repair shop. We'll check your brakes to make sure there are no issues that could lead to brake failure.

It's important to get your brake pads changed regularly to prevent damage to the drum; we'll check them to determine if it's time to replace them. It's also essential to have your brake fluid changed about every two years. Old brake fluid can cause parts in the braking system to corrode and can make braking less effective.

Whether you need brake repair or brake maintenance in Dalton, GA, call us at (706) 226-5551.

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